Sunday, April 28, 2019

First Cashmere Scarf

Painting has never been enough.

This is more than a two-dimensional world.

Let's wrap ourselves in art.

And allow ourselves to be comfortable with beauty.

Relax and appreciate. . . 

. . . attending to detail.

This is a cashmere scarf, 
knitted from yarn reclaimed from second-hand sweaters,
in a design of my own.
At sixty-three,
a first for me.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Creekside After a Flood

Camp chair on a sandy bank
in the shade of willows
cool air warm sun
musical waters
into complacency
oblivious of the reshaped watercourses
flattened saplings
and tangled debris

Cataract developed as predicted.
More surgery to come.
Trying to see is very tiring. 
Distortion, darkness, no detail, little color, on the right. 
Floaters on the left.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Bonita Creek Trail

These are a few watercolor drawings from a camping trip
 in the Chiricahua National Monument. 

Small flowers along the trail,

an old fire tower,

and the cards on which these
small drawings appear.

Saturday, February 9, 2019


Yet another diversion. . .trying out an online UI/UX course through Coursera, courtesy of CalArts. This is a mood board proposing an app called "Heart of the Belovéd", a technological tribute to Rumi. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Stumpy Saguaro

Ajman Brahm speaks the trees in the forest, the most interesting and beautiful being so because of their imperfections. With that in mind, I present you with "Stumpy", a saguaro who was somehow beheaded at eight feet, and who compensated for this disaster by sprouting a multitude of arms. 

Another lovely Sunday afternoon sketching at Jewel of the Creek.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

By The Creek

Sunday morning by the creek
after a night's rain.
This sandy bank
warmed by the sun
is lush with grass
and the music of running water.
is a good place to be
 in January.

Sketching as therapy for vision - very uncomfortable and peculiarly disorienting when focusing on a scene with such a hodgepodge of objects. Palming was an effective way to rest the eyes. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Wild Bee Hive

                 Ugly sketch with a cute story.

                 Just off the trail,
                 stood an old cottonwood,
                 blasted and twisted, 
                 the main trunk ripped off
                   leaving a dark opening
                   out of which bees
                   emerged and disappeared

                   Taking a seat
                   on a rock close by
                   pencil to paper
                   preoccupied workers flew past
                   pausing to appraise 
                   the observer.
                   On the rough stone seat
                   the artist in timeless content
                   until posterior ache interrupted, 
                   bringing sketching to an end.
                   Bidding adieu to the gracious bees
                 continued along the trail.

                   Next morning
                   hiking among low clouds
                   on the same trail
                   to visit the bees
                   sheltered from the winter wet
                   in their snug hive.

                   Found among the stone seats
                   a present from the bees - 
                   a comfortable camp chair 
                   neatly folded up 
                   in a handy carrying case.
                   Thank you generous Bees!
                 So observant!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Sketching as Visual Therapy

Sit still
in a quiet place
looking far into the distance.
What do you see?
Put pencil to paper, 
make a mark. 
Long line for a mountain, 
hairpin for a tall saguaro, 
any squiggle or scroll to suggest
cottonwood trees and
desert shrubs.
Forget about rendering.
Accuracy is not important.
It is the experience of seeing,
far, near, far, near,
realizing with the eyes
context of form
contrast of light.
And then to make the marks,
to transpose visual stimulation 
into corresponding motion, 
whether it be moving a pencil,
or packing up
and walking off
into the landscape.

Will this work? My heart assures me that this is the right direction.

Macular Hole

a macular pucker.
Macular hole.
Retinal surgery.

Hard lessons
about the role of vision
 in everything.

I never took art seriously,
never saw a reason for it,
until now.

I understand
that through art,
and my world,
can be recreated.

Surgery to the right eye performed
 on November 9th 2018
 at the Scottsdale Eye Surgery Center.
This above painting was created several years earlier
by the artist.