Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Wild Bee Hive

                 Ugly sketch with a cute story.

                 Just off the trail,
                 stood an old cottonwood,
                 blasted and twisted, 
                 the main trunk ripped off
                   leaving a dark opening
                   out of which bees
                   emerged and disappeared

                   Taking a seat
                   on a rock close by
                   pencil to paper
                   preoccupied workers flew past
                   pausing to appraise 
                   the observer.
                   On the rough stone seat
                   the artist in timeless content
                   until posterior ache interrupted, 
                   bringing sketching to an end.
                   Bidding adieu to the gracious bees
                 continued along the trail.

                   Next morning
                   hiking among low clouds
                   on the same trail
                   to visit the bees
                   sheltered from the winter wet
                   in their snug hive.

                   Found among the stone seats
                   a present from the bees - 
                   a comfortable camp chair 
                   neatly folded up 
                   in a handy carrying case.
                   Thank you generous Bees!
                 So observant!

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