Saturday, April 23, 2016

White Iris - Power of Surrender

This is a 4" x 6" painting of white iris flowers from the artist's studio garden in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Painted on a 1/2" thick panel, it is ready to hang, unframed. The following poem by the artist is handwritten on the back of the artwork:

"White Iris - Power of Surrender"

Knobby rhizome - Artist sits
lies in rocky sand - at blank easel with unmixed palette

with a mandate to produce
something from nothing
surrender fear
open to what is

a dearth of nutrients - lack of resource
a long wait - interminable isolation
finally a little rain - glimmer of inspiration
a bit of sun, warmth - a positive comment, encouragement
a rootlet, a shoot - a brush stroke, two colors blend
a stalk, leaves - an outline, contrast
rising above the earth - a composition forms
bud unfurls - canvas fills
petals spread, relax - brushes laid down, hands rest
open wide to gather - stand back to bask in
wild breezes, suns rays - the whole view

and gather appreciative passersby.

 - Nancy Boudreau

Text and images © 2016 Nancy A. Boudreau. All rights reserved. Permission required for publication. Images available for licensing through

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