Friday, April 18, 2008

OK Harris Works of Art

While in New York City last weekend, going from gallery to gallery in SoHo, I stopped by OK Harris Works of Art. Very glad I did so, and very glad I went to their website afterwards: Before then, I'd been bothered by questions, "what is it that makes a work of art notable?" and "what is it that makes a person an outstanding artist?" After viewing the exhibition and reading the "About. . ." page I believe I understand. The last paragraph of that page reads:

"The gallery's main concern is to show the most significant artwork of our time. In the choice of works to be exhibited there is no prejudice as to the style or materials employed. The sole criteria is innovation of concept and maturity of technique. OK Harris' exhibitions over the years have proven soundness of judgment in identifying important artists and established it's pertinent contribution to the visual arts culture."

Thank you Ivan C. Karp and associates for many years of good judgment. May you have many, many more.

- Nancy Boudreau

acrylic painting on gessoed mat board,
approximately 5" x 7"
signed, dated and comments on the back

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