Sunday, April 20, 2008


More than just a pretty daffodil that made it's appearance in the yard after a long colorless winter, this Narcissus is a reminder of an important lesson. Remember the story of Narcissus, the handsome man who fell in love with his own reflection as he gazed at himself in a pool. In his mindless adoration, Narcissus fell into the water and drowned. One of the greatest obstacles for an artist, is avoiding "the water hazard". So easy it is to fall in love with one's own beauty, foolishly drowning oneself. Look beyond the reflection. Be more than just a pretty flower displaying one's colors and fragrance in an effort to lure pollinators. Do not fall in love with one's own image.
- Nancy Boudreau

acrylic painting on gessoed mat board,
approximately 5" x 7"
signed, dated and comments on the back

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