Friday, May 20, 2016

June Roadside

"June Roadside"

Spindle leggéd mowers
cruise the woodland
denuding the understory
but steer clear of roadside hedgerows
where orange lilies
like warning flags
wave at passing vehicles.

- Nancy Boudreau

This is a painted 4" x 6" view of a roadside in New Milford, Connecticut, in June. Orange daylilies bloom on the sunny side and are reflected in a muddy puddle left by a recent passing thundershower. These wild orange daylilies are one of the few flowers not eaten by deer. To celebrate that fact, I suggest we start referring to them as "deer lilies".

Text and images © 2016 Nancy A. Boudreau. All rights reserved. Permission required for publication. Images available for licensing.

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