Sunday, June 28, 2015

Living in Sandy Hook

Going abstract to loosen up a little. 

The greens are an impression of the view out my studio windows, while the reds come from that needling one gets while driving around town, here in Sandy Hook. Will those bumper stickers ever fade?

Tiny gripes of mine, petty things. Good ol' Sandy Hook and Newtown are actually more worthy of a brag or two. For instance:

Looky here at the fancy "new" studio easel some kind soul left by the roadside with a hand-scrawled FREE sign attached.
Putting this new setup to work along with an old 18" x 24" Jumbo pad of drawing paper, I've had lots of carefree play with a stash of old acrylic paints. Finished work is having a tough time finding a home though. Right now it's collecting in the space above the stairs to the gallery.
If you happen to get a wild urge to own one of these colorful ditties, send me an email using the "About Me" Blogger link at the bottom of the right column. All offers will be taken seriously. 

Art is for sharing.
Send these babies out into the world!

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RL said...

Beautiful work, as always!