Monday, November 2, 2009

Study of Running Water2

Another study of running water, working from an enlarged photo, the same one used for the last study. I can get downright obsessive about copying a photo, but will that get me where I want to go? Where do I want to go? How am I going to find out where I want to go? Fumble blindly forward? Research the paths of others? And which others?

On that subject, here's a tongue-in-cheek essay by Ken Rockwell, "The Seven Levels of Artists", and more serious ruminations by Best of all, here's a great essay written by David Byrne, published in WIRED magazine, examining the same question but from the view of a musician, "David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists."

- Nancy Boudreau

This painting is approximately 5" x 7" acrylic painting on gessoed matboard, in an 8" x 10" cream-colored mat, unframed, shipped to you directly by the artist. The title and prose that appear above are handwritten on the back of the painting. The painting is also signed and dated on the back.

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