Wednesday, January 14, 2009

White Tank

This is a painting of one of the loveliest tanks I came across, while hiking in the White Tank Mountains. On the same trip I came across a large group of hikers, the Sun City Grands, a very fun bunch! Hello Grands, It was a pleasure to meet you all. - Nancy Boudreau

Painted on January 14th, 2009 for sale directly from the artist. Check in again for more Arizona landscapes to come in the next two weeks.

The "Hiking in Arizona" blog has photos and descriptions of the Mesquite, Ford and Willow Canyon trails.

This is an acrylic painting, 5" x 7" on gessoed hardboard, sealed with a clear gloss gel. This painting, and the previous three paintings, were done using only eight colors. Being on vacation and not wanting to fly out my full compliment of paints, I purchased a set of tubes from Golden Artist Colors, which comes with charted information on mixing. It also comes with a very good booklet explaining the qualities of color and how paints can be used to convey a depth of qualities. I recommend Golden paints, and have been using them with satisfaction for the past two years.

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