Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Study 1 for Contemplation

This is the first study in preparation for a much larger painting called "Contemplation". Ongoing studies experimenting in technique and ideas will be offered on EBaY, with thoughts, comments and anecdotes handwritten on the back of the studies. Proceeds from the sale of these studies will help pay the expenses incurred in creating the larger painting.

Comments on this study:
Not satisfied with a lovely colorfield, the horizontal lines gave me a satisfying reference. Horizons, skies, roads - the familiar structure of planes and lines that we live in - once those were in the picture, it felt complete. This morning, looking at it with fresh eyes, I saw more personal references - the ants I've been working to drive from the house, the grunge I've been scraping from one of their favorite hideouts. Ah ha! There is no way to make something that isn't already part of oneself.
- Nancy Boudreau

acrylic painting on gessoed mat board, approximately 5" x 7"
signed, dated and comments on the back

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