Monday, March 9, 2015

Hoarfrost on Paperbark Birch

I strap on my snowshoes
to go read the morning news.
Spirit bright with
cold Paperbark twigs 
limned by hoarfrost.

Sky colored snow shadows 
define tracks. 
Marks on white sheet reporting
the comings and goings of
rabbits, coyote, mice, voles,
otter, fox, and mink.

Entrails on trail tell 
of well-fed cottontail 
meeting maker 
in the belly of a red tail,
while crows stamp 
impatiently waiting 
for scraps.

Dirty fox paws
in, out, around, and around
a sheltered entrance
describing a plainly happy home
deep under snow and soil.

Trout in winter dreams
feel soft hollow notes 
of water passing under ice,
pure and cold as nothing.

Bluebirds, one, two,
another, another, 
then dozens,
popping bittersweet berries
into downy chests
full of energy,
and Spring!

(Thanks to John Caddy and his Morning Earth Healing Images, for lending me the courage and inspiration to write with a poetic hand about my experiences in nature.)

My offering today is an acrylic painting 
on 5" x 7" cradled birch panel. 

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