Friday, August 24, 2012

What's Up Nance?

Long time no see!
Yah, well, that doesn't mean that there's been nothing to see. . . 

The studio has been a happenin' place - work being produced and such - but more so in than it's shaping up into a real working space. I'm excited to announce that a contract has been signed, and work will commence in early September, to pipe heat into the studio. Getting up at 4:30 am and sitting in an unheated room on a cold winter morning will be a thing of the past. Goodbye frostbite!

So what are those weird plastic baggie-things hanging from the studio ceiling? Ah - a sneak preview of fun to come at The Newtown Arts Festival, September 15th and 16th to be held on the Fairfield Hills Campus. Come see the wild and crazy concoctions, feats of beauty, and surprising entertainments presented by our local art community. You'll find me in a back tent with my woodworking chisels, carving spruce burl, cherry chunks and lovely spalted maple. And, as a souvenir of the experience, these whimsical Wiremen will be available for purchase at a ridiculously affordable "Everymans Price". 

So, welcome back to the bloggin' world - I hope to be sending out these missives on a weekly basis, Fridays mostly, figuring that we can all use a smile and a freely shared bit of happiness at the end of the workweek.
 - Nancy Boudreau

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see your work again!
Bidding Tiger