Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spatterdock II

Spatterdock is a wild waterlily that grows in the ponds around Connecticut. The flowers look like simple yellow knobs thrusting out of the water on thick fleshy stems. Their leaves are wide and look like perfect perches for frogs, though you'll never see one sitting on a lily pad.

"Spatterdock I" was stolen from the Washington Arts Association a couple of years ago. The Association is a good one, well-run, and their insurance paid for the loss.

- Nancy Boudreau, July 13th 2011

5" x 7" original acrylic painting on gessoed mat board, sealed with a clear acrylic gel coat and protected by a cream-colored mat with dust cover, backed with chipboard. The painting is signed and dated on the back and has the text above handwritten by the artist, myself.

This painting is for sale through Etsy and EBay.

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