Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cave Creek Boulders

In the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, Dragonfly Trail wanders along Cave Creek before heading up and away into the desert foothills. "Riparian habitat" - fancy words. No words are needed to understand that this is a sacred place to any thing that needs water to live - especially in the desert. As I record the scene, the creek flows tamely, surrounded by evidence of it's power: rounded, tumbled boulders, sandbars of finely pounded rock, willows lying flat in the creekbed, refusing to be drowned, new growth springing straight upward, vertically, from their horizontal trunks. The cottonwoods are lush green, tangles of tinder-dry flotsam caught in their branches six feet above my head. I can only imagine the roots that anchor these giants against such a flood. - Nancy Boudreau

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This painting is about 5 x 7 inches and is acrylic on gessoed mat board, protected in a cream colored mat, and as with all these little studies, the text above is handwritten on the back of the painting, which is also signed and dated.
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