Saturday, December 19, 2009

Over the Edge

Flowing left to right, in a reading motion, bits of color like words, letters, punctuation. An abstraction of light read by our eyes as cold water moving under a clear sky. Caps of ice are formed as it sensuously rolls over and around, embracing obstacles in its path before mindlessly rushing on.

Here are brushtrokes and color emulating the language of visual abstraction spoken by Mother Nature. My painting is like an infant babbling, trying to speak the language of its parents. I create with two-pronged intent steming from a single desire: to establish a life-line to that from which I was born and to produce a tangible product for which others will trade support.

I don't want to be pretentious - I want to be the real thing. - Nancy Boudreau

This painting is about 5" x 7" acrylic on gessoed mat board, protected in a cream-colored mat. As with all these little studies, the text above is handwritten on the back of the painting, which is also signed and dated.

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