Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Girly Man

Candy-colored, cellophane shrinkwrapped, frenetic energy, bold and pure.

I originally planned to make this a densely abstract background, darker, with a glass-like surface on which there would appear a reflection as in a window - specifically the reflection of a light that hangs over the dinner table at the house in New Fairfield, something I've been seeing almost every evening for the past three years.

Plans changed when the colors took over and began to stand up on their own. What had begun as three mullein stalks, leftover from "Mullein Heir Of the Earth" turned into it's own cohesive play of line, color and form. Very spontaneous, not contrived, using whatever was on the pallet with little mixing, the painting developed it's own integrity of spirit. Adding a glass-like layer and reflection would have added a contrived gimmick to entertain the viewer, compromising the integrity of the abstract. Like it or not, the painting has it's own unique personality - not to be messed with.

The title "Girly Man" is a happy jab at a ridiculous label. After all, what does the combination of traits in any individual matter? Isn't there more integrity in someone who hones themself to the peak of what only they can be - as opposed to someone who suppresses, subverts, twists and contorts their unique qualities to fit the limits of other people's expectations? Let "Girly Man" be - whether we like it or not.

- Nancy Boudreau

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