Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Turkey Feather with Hen and Chicks

A turkey hen has been visiting our yard with her chicks for the past three weeks. On first sighting, she was striding gracefully up the lawn with ten balls of fluff chasing her. Three weeks later, there were five chicks left and all were three-quarter scale replicas of their mother. This weekend I caught them taking dirts baths in a drier part of the yard. Digging out wallows in the dusty earth all six were rolling, stretching, kicking up dirt onto their backs into their feathers then enjoying a good shake. I was reminded of the Peanuts character, Pig Pen, with his aura of dirt. Now I know why turkeys are brown. Anyhow, the hen left me a calling card the other day, a feather, appropriately placed among the succulents which are commonly called Hen and Chicks, a lovely coincidence.
-Nancy Boudreau

The painting is approximately 5" x 7" acrylic painting on gessoed matboard, in an 8" x 10" cream colored mat, unframed, shipped to you directly by the artist. The title and prose that appear above are handwritten on the back of the painting. The painting is also signed and dated on the back.

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