Thursday, October 30, 2008

Contemplation in Progress

It's been suggested that I work larger. In response, this 3' x 4' painting was started. Anticipating that it would take many long sittings to complete, time spent ruminating, working out what was inside, finding ways of laying it down in color and form,  I decided to call it "Contemplation."

So far, my ruminations have not been peaceful, my head full of conflicting conversations. This seems to be the way people communicate nowadays, through "dis-course." Someone makes a statement, then the next person does their best to discount the first’s point. The first person's statement, like the beauty of a single pure color, is hacked and overlaid by an opposing expression, trying to cancel out or out-shout the first.

And that’s why this painting, so far, is layer upon layer of opposing color in vigorous strokes. 

What will happen when the whole canvas is crammed and buzzing with a chaotic din? Where do we go then, as a whole, to achieve collective meaning?

-Nancy Boudreau

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