Monday, February 23, 2009

Lana'i Point Oahu

Celebrating my 53rd birthday today by finally getting back to painting. This one's a view from Lana'i Point on Oahu, looking eastward, one of the first awesome views you get driving out of Waikiki on route 72. Yes, the water is REALLY that color! - Nancy Boudreau

A five inch by seven inch acrylic painting on gessoed hardboard.


Anonymous said...

When will you put your Hawaiaan paintings up for sale? I am interested in bidding on them!
Bidding Tiger

Anonymous said...

You are obviously familiar with Lanai Point and I hope you don't mind but would love an opinion. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary in Jan/Feb 2014 by making our first trip to Hawaii. Leaning towards Oahu and especially Lanai Point. Would prefer a small bungalow type over a large hotel and wondering if you could recommend any type rental for me - anywhere on the island - the more romantic and quiet the better. All suggestions/recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much - and I agree - your paintings are lovely! June in Pennsylvania